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Bereavement and Memorial Services

The loss of a loved one is often a very traumatic experience. During these times, the care and professionalism provided by Gipson Pendergrass People’s Mortuary can make a huge difference.

Caskets, Markers, and Sites

There is no upper end to the cost of a casket, though a simple cremation requires at least a hardboard box for transportation. Headstones/Markers are also available through Gipson Pendergrass People’s Mortuary. They are typically made locally and can be placed any time after final interment. Most cemeteries in Bastrop County are independently operated. Gipson Pendergrass People’s Mortuary will cooperate with the site owners to facilitate burial and burial services.

Green Burials

Gipson Pendergrass People’s Mortuary also provides Green Burials. In these burials, materials are used that are friendly to the earth. For more details, please see our Green Burial section or feel free to contact us/come to the location.

  • Why Choose us?

    Our gentle guidance and professional care are two primary reasons we are chosen to care for families.

  • When Death Occurs

    When a death occurs in your family, you will be faced with important tasks and decision-making.

  • Our Commitment To You

    We recognize our clients have a choice when it comes to end of life providers. That’s why our roadmap to success is based on putting our clients first.

  • Costs And Packages

    In fact, there is no such thing as a “typical” cremation; each cremation can be as unique as the individual.

  • Code Of Ethics

    Cremation consumers shall be afforded the following courtsies and consideration.

  • Cremation Questions

    Are there any laws governing cremation? Do I need an urn? Find answers to common questions.